Wow! An update!

Yet again I totally fail at actually posting regular blogs, I'd like to say this is due to my work and ever so hetic social life, but this is only half true. (For those of you interested... the social life bit is the lie)

In my previous blog I mentioned I was having a few personal problems, this is now resolved and from the 9th I shall be moving into my own house, scary, exciting, tiring and stressful all at the same time! I've never actually realised how much junk I actually own. The area I am moving to is a little shabby, but the house is nice enough... but one must stick to the price one can afford. (I shall blog about the house another time once in it). My partner is also moving in with me, again with the scary, scary, exciting, exciting.

Health issues are still here atm, but in the process of being sorted. One being thyroid antibody levels being high, but half that of my previous test results. Although the doctor wishes to steal more of my blood in about 3 months to check them again.
For those of you who know me well will also know that my knee and hip have been giving me jip. After being sent for an xray, and being told I have no evidence of a fracture (which I already knew) I have to revisit the doctor soon to see what the next port of call is.

Ciao for now