Long Winded One...

And once again I fail at updating this thing. :-/

So much has happened since I last blogged but I lack the motivation to actually write about it all, so I may just stick to what stands out the most...

Moving out, I can now understand why it is said to be one of the most stressful things to do!! My Partner and I have lived in the house just over 2 months now and we are still trying to sort everything out, and still living out of suitcases due to lack of storage space for our clothes and lack of money to but storage space. The "Lodger" which wasnt meant to be joining our household until about now got conviently kicked out the day we got our keys. She's conviently been kicked out of our house now too. To long to go into and if the partner where to find out I'd probably be killed.

I have also just celebrated my Birthday, my partner surprized me by taking me to Leeds for the night, which was definately a very nice change from being where we usually live. She packed my clothes and got me to meet her at the station, and as far as I was aware I was just going to help her transport our laundry home, but no she had packed me some clothes and off we went, for a mini break and night out to Leeds. :-) When we got home the next day we went for a few drinks and a game of pool amd her mother picked us up and took us back to our house where my partner (A) had arranged another surprise of a mini party. Although I think A was slightly disappointed as D didnt turn up and was meant to be inviting my friends A didn't know. Nor did E turn up. Both of which had only confirmed earlier that day that they where coming. It was still amazing though, and its safe to say I got a little bit tipsy ;-). Well downing 24 shots one after another is bound to do that to you. I think all in all I had about 50 shots that night. I'm surprised I managed to make it out back to the pubs, H and C where obviously drunks. With some antics I'm sure H would rather me not mention. lol. So yeah I had a wonderful birthday thanks to A arranging that for me :-).

Health problems again.... I've been refered for my knee to a consultant, and I have also been refered for some other "mental" health issues. I've recently been signed of sick with severe depression.

Thats about it really. In a nutshell. I'm pretty sure other stuff has gone on since I last blogged, infact I know for definate other stuff has happened, but I just lack the motivation (and it would appear internet time) to write anymore.

I am making a note to myself to blog more often though, although I don't really have anything to blog about.