Skype on Blackberry PLEASE

Skype - Love it!

Blackberrys, not so much.

I had a HTC Desire android phone, I loved that phone, it was a brilliant little piece of equipment, had the ability to do just about anything I wanted it to do, aside from running me a bath and making me a sandwich it was amazing.

I actually regret not having this phone anymore, more so I regret getting a Blackberry Curve 9300.

I dislike this phone, if it was to run me a bath, it would probably run me a luke warm, lacking bubbles kind of bath.

I think one of the major things I dislike about blackberrys is the fact that it doesn't have Skype, I loved the fact that with my last phone I didn't have to rush home if I wanted to talk to a friend or family member who are living in another country because I could just do it on the go.

Why haven't Blackberry got a skype app yet?

Even my mums cheap £30 phone has skype, albeit it is a skype mobile phone, but still if a phone that cheap can have it, why not the "best phone you will ever get" (quote from a colleague that shall remain anonymous)?

Get your act together Blackberry!!!!