2 more? Really?

So it would seem that I have inadvertently completed two of my 1o1 tasks. And some time ago too it would seem. It wasn't until reading through my list again last night that I realised I had completed these two tasks. There are also a few which are currently in process too.

Task 98 Keep a small change jar.

Sadly its not as full as the one on the left. There is no paper notes in it, Only shrapnel. I bought a 3 litre empty Vodka bottle and have been keeping my change in that, and I don't intend to empty it until I have filled it. I

Task 62 Remember to take my keys with me for and entire week.

Again, This was completed sometime ago and I didn't even realise it, My house keys also have the keyfob which I have to use at work on them. So I would of pretty much been screwed if I hadn't taken them with me. I think it also helps that I have the attached to a key chain that stays attached to either the trousers I am wearing or the bag I am sporting that day.