Student Daze

I have recently decided that I want to rejoin the education system.

Return to college in other words.

There are 4 courses in which I am interested in. So it is a matter of deciding which one I would rather do now. Access to Nursing, Access to Higher Education (Probably the History or English route), Cooking and Information Technology. Whose to say in x amount of years I can't go back and do another course?

Unless of course the specific course is abolished.Which I can't see happening as each one there is always a future in. So unless there is suddenly a lack of need for Nurses, or teachers, or the human species evolves so much that we no longer require to eat. And its common knowledge that computer systems are getting more and more a part of everyday life.

So fingers crossed in September 2012 I will return to college. It's going to take a lot of hard work which I am more than willing to do. I may need to leave my current work place if they don't agree to cutting my hours short or working around my college days. If need be I will just seek employment elsewhere.