Night's outs are costly...

and I don't just mean because of the money spent on drinks!

There are the other things to consider before you even get out. Purchasing of a new outfit, make up, and getting treatments such as threading.

And then there are the taxi fares obviously. As well as others.

I rolled in at 6am yesterday morning after a very enjoyable clubbing session, I went to get straight into bed, put my hand in my pocket in order to get my mobile phone (cell phone) out of my pocket to ensure I put the alarm on due to being at work in the afternoon. When suddenly it dawned on me. I had no idea where the hell my phone was. I had a mini heart attack right there and then. I'd often had these before when I had misplaced my phone. But this time I had actually lost it.

My poor little fingers have been at their wits ends not having anything to twiddle with!

I couldn't ring it because the battery had died, I couldn't call the taxi company I had used because I had no idea which one I had used.

It's not so much the losing of the phone that bothers me, yeah I'll have to buy a replacement, but things like that are only materialistic, its the few photos, the songs, the emails and texts which are on it. The thought of someone being able to read my private messages. And the loss of contacts, and the trouble of having to get peoples numbers again and  tell people that you have not been ignoring them, but have in fact been a total pleb and managed to lose the item that you normally guide with your life.

It's a huge inconvenience

Not only had I lost my mobile, but also my brand new cardigan and a friend. Not as in a loss of a friendship, lost as in I couldn't find her anywhere! She is safe, she slipped off to her boyfriends.

*P.s I recommend trying a cocktail called the Godfather - Beautiful!!!*