02. Gym

As part of my DayZero project, I said I was going to rejoin a gym. So I did it.

After much consideration I decided to join the local council run gym. It's small but is more then suffice for my needs as they currently stand. It's cheap, and I can use any of the council leisure centres too. And best of all its in walking distance, so no forking out for buses to and from the gym. I wont even have to rush if I am due at work as it is not far from their either.

The gym I had previously been a member of had all the latest equipment, and was cheap at £20 per month and was open 24/7. The only downside is that it is miles away from where I am currently living and has no pool, which sucks as I would like to eventually start swimming when I feel a bit more body conscious.

I'm starting off slowly at the moment to try and get into it again, and with my current leg injury, which I am in the process of trying to sort out, it's probably best to keep it at a slow pace for the time being.

I have also recently changed one of my DayZero project tasks (yes I am allowed to no where did I state they are set in stone) to take up running/jogging. Along side this I may start a new blog. or at least a new section of this blog names "Run Fat Girl Run". Just so I can post general fitness and what not related posts.

No longer will I be the couch potato that I have been.

"Run Fat Girl, Run!!"