03. Do You Fancy Me?

I came out once to a straight girl friend at work. For the purpose we will call her, Katie. She didn't take the ewww approach that I assumed she would. In fact it was quite the opposite. (I'm not saying I expect everyone to take the anti gay approach, but she was the type of person you'd think would be anti gay, lets just say she wasn't the most open minded person).

So here I was with Katie, a few years my junior, absolutely fascinated with knowing a gay person. She would ask me all types of questions. I answered them, as truthfully as I could.

Then one day that question came "Do you fancy me then? What about [insert name here] or [insert name here]". I told Katie the truth. No I didn't fancy her, and asked her "Do you fancy every bloke you look at?". She told me she didn't, and there was a long pause. I thought that the conversation had ended.

How wrong was I. Katie continued to attempt to flirt with me daily. "Do you fancy me yet?". No. She tried harder and harder with her flirting attempts each day as she tried to persuade me into fancying her. Even down to grabbing my breasts or my arse. Now if I would of done this to one of the female syaff at work would it of been seen as sexual harassment? Either way it wasn't working, and you could almost see the frustration in Katie's face.

"But why don't you fancy me?"

I don't think that Katie could apprehend the fact that I didn't have anything more that a friendship attraction to her.

She started asking me "What's your type then?". I thought about this, and described  the entire opposite to Katie. When home later that night I rethought about it. And I had told Katie an entire load of bollocks to try get her to slow down her rejected flirting attempts.

It didn't work. She continued to flirt until she no longer worked for the company. I often wondered if Katie was maybe curious about her sexuality, but then at the same time, I think it was more so cause she wanted, actually really wanted me to fancy her