04. What's you type?

Often when playing the dating game, or the getting to know girls better stage I have come across this question. Or even been asked it by straight girls who want you to fancy them. (see yesterdays post)

Either way, which ever situation, most of the time I find myself stumbling to answer it. I find that if it's a girl who is interested in me, but I am not so much into them I find myself attempting to describe the entire opposite of what they are.

But really, now I have thought about it, deep down I don't particularly have a "type" that I go for. I like the general things such as a good sense of humor, being able to hold a conversation. Those types of things.

And in all honestly, when being asked what is my type I often wonder if they are asking what kind of lesbian am I into, as in fem, butch etc. Or what type of personalities do I go for? Maybe this is why I stumble when answering this question.

I do tend to prefer the more feminine girls, but I would never swear off a tom boy or butch. At the end of the day it's the personality that wins me over.