05. Winding Down

At the start of writing this post I finished work 1 and a half hours ago.

I am due back on shift at 7 am in morning. I cannot remember the last time I worked the early shift..

To be prepared for this shift I will need to be getting up at about 5.30 - 5.45am.

I am shocking at getting up early. Terrible in fact. And I dread the quick shift change.

I work majority late shifts, with 10pm finishes, it doesn't bother me so much working the late shifts, in fact I prefer it. The staff are much better to work with then the morning staff. The only good thing about morning shifts is after 2:30pm you have the rest of the day to yourself.

The only thing that bugs me about the late shift is the inability to wind down after a shift, often its normally 2am or later before I am fully relaxed after the late shift, and feel able to get to sleep.

I have tried many things to try and enhance my winding down, but most just tend to wake me up more. It doesn't help that my mind is more active on a night either. It's when I feel my most awake, my best ideas and what not coming in the wee hours that many are snoozing away. Even when I am tired and find myself going to bed, which is considered early for me, I find that once laid in bed, I find my self waking up.

I often think this could be because other than work, at the moment my life lacks routine. Something I do enjoy having. I like to know whats happening and when.