06. Slush

Don't ya just hate slush!

And I'm not talking about the drinks, because the previous statement would just be wrong, cause I love slushies!

I'm talking about the mucky, grey, muddy stuff that is prominent in winter.

Yes. The stuff that comes after snow. It is because of slush why I dislike snow in my old age. Yes snow is all white and pretty. And I love the feel and sound it makes when I walk on a fresh bit of snow. Although weirdly enough this sound also makes me want to grit my teeth. I love it before it starts melting into the previously mentioned slush.

So the snow melting turns into slush, then the freezing temperature turns the slush into... huge blocks of ice.

Walking to work this morning was no fun at all, in between slipping on the slush and skidding on the blocks of ice, I was also trying to dodge the disgusting water residue left behind. I wasn't doing to bad at this, in fact. I did remarkably well getting to work in once piece. Feet slightly sodden where the dreaded stuff had seeped through my footwear. I was quite proud of myself.

Worked Passed. Luckily. And considering it was my first early in ages it went quite well and things, undoubtedly hadn't changed all that much. We were short staffed, once again, but plodded through, each break was a very welcome one to get into the cold air. I've got this theory, which I am often called for by a friend, that it's never that cold when its snowed. I stand by it. I managed to get through each of my breaks with no coat or jacket, and just my hat on.

2.30pm finally came and I had to cancel my plan of going to the gym in order to go home to let the boy (my brother) in as he had forgotten his keys. So I rushed home in the hazardous slushiness, and again although near running it made it home in one piece. EXCELLENT.

Guess which smart arse had also forgot her keys? Yes that would be me.

Also guess which smart arse managed to slip in the sludge as I paced the garden waiting for the woman (my mother).

Yes that would also be me.