11. Aches & Pains

I am aching.

Aching like I would never believe it.

Aching in places I didn't even realise could actually ache.

I went to the gym yesterday, I was there for a fair amount of time too, and was ever so proud of myself. I covered approximately 10km on various Cardio equipment. And then went on to do some strength and endurance training.

I worked on the Arms for a little, and then the legs. Then a piece of equipment caught my eye, well I lie, I'd seen it before but It had never been free. But this time it was free.

I'm not even sure of the name of it, it could be Dip/Chin assisted machine, it may very well not be. Basically you use your body weight, and the weights of the machine to counteract your weight, then the weights what is left over is the weight you are working with. (I Think that's right or at least it sounds right in my head)

Easy I thought. So I set it up to what I thought was correct at the time. Got onto the kneeling pallet, reached up (I'd decided to try do some chin ups).

All of a sudden, I was dangling as if swinging on monkey bars at the park. I had obviously done it wrong. After a few more tries with various weights for both the dips and the chin ups I managed to get the right one for me.

It was quite a fun piece of equipment. But I am feeling the strain on my arms today!! I feel as though I have been supporting my entire body weight on a pole via my arm pits for 24 hours.


Is not the word!