13. Weight Loss Joy

I almost forgot about todays post due to being tired.  I'm so tired as the Woman dragged me and the boy food shopping for what felt like a million hours. The boy is currently in a mood with me for cooing over him choosing and sending out his first Valentines. I think he got sick of me N'awwing at him with a smile on my face. All I can think about is my little brother growing up. N'awwww. My plans tomorrow however will be gym and meeting with friends.

I went to the Gym again today. This is becoming a regular occurance in my daily routine. One which I loathed at first. I'm not the fittest or the healthiest of people out there. I'm not even the most out going.

In fact, I'm not even afraid to meet it. I'm a regular coach potato.

In the corner before the entrance is some scales. Scales scare me. They always have done. I'd like to say that this is because they lie to me once I step on them, but that's not the case. The sad thing is they tell the truth. The sad inevitable truth that is I am overweight.

Upon stepping on them today I smiled. I had lost 5lbs. I can't explain how happy I was at this, after weeks, months even of plateauing at my current weight. I was estatic with my little self.

It's safe to say that my weightloss actually made me even more determined to stick to going to the gym, and to continue with the 10k a day cardio. I've ever booked in for a personal training session for tomorrow to get a personal training programme set up (obviously).

Normally whilst on the treadmill I am paranoid of the other gym users looking at me, wondering what they are thinking as they see me sweating my way through my work out.

But today I didn't care. It's amazing how much confidence even the tiniest bit of weightloss can give you. I have my goal in my head at the moment. And that's all that I need to keep me going. I'm doing this for me and nobody else.