15. Dehydration

I had personal training session at the gym yesterday. I got weighed and measured. I thought this was simply going to be a tape measure round my gut etc.
Take your right sock and shoe off

What? What did she want to do with my feet? I detest feet and detest people touching my feet. A blind panic came over me, and all I could find myself thinking was god please don't sniff up. They didn't smell but still they could of.

Anyway she attached 2 sticky pads to my foot then 2 to my right hand and told me to lie down and then attached a machine to me.

This machine then went on onto analyse my lean mass, body fat, and various other fitness working outs.

One in particular was hydration levels. Turns out I am one of the most dehydrated people she has met in a long time.

So I got a lecture about having at least 2 litres a day.

Its safe to say I have had about 6 litres today, this is due to having a huge hangover from going out for a "few" drinks with my gay friend N. These few drinks turned into a 12 hour drinking session and the best valentines day I have ever had.

Who said you need to be in a relationship to celebrate it? We was a couple of queers celebrating freedom.