16. Annual Leave Denied

One thing I hate about being a "grown up" with a "proper job". Is the fact that you have to request time off when you want to go on holidays or short breaks.

I put in for some leave today, for the last weekend in August. Now any LGBTQ person in the North of England, possibly even the whole of England know this is because its "The Big Weekend". That is Manchester Pride. I was looking forward to my 96 hours of binge drinking, I went a few years ago with some friends and it was immense. Sadly I cannot get the time of work this year to go.

We have this thing at work, which no doubt most places have, where only a certain number of staff can be off at any one time. (Obvious really as they need workers about still).

It's a good job I told N to hold off booking the hotel really, he was after doing it today, and I was going to be paying him back. It works out that this weekend, if it was going to happen, would end up costing us about £200 just for travel and accomodation. Then there is spending money, and money for new outfits too.

We are hopefully going to Ayia Napa too in September. I think I may just sugguest us going on another holiday at somepoint to soften him up. 7 days away in the sun surely should soften anyone up? Besides. It will probably end up costing the same in the long run.

I'm hopefully going to China in June time too with my sister, to go see my friend H. This annual leave request I know has been authorised. Thank god!