18. That's So Gay!!

Me: Don't you just hate the way that she is always like [insert something you dislike]
Friend: Yeah, it's so Gay!!

[me - palmface]

The amount of times I have cringed when my friend has said this. It actually really infuriates me when it's said. And it's not just one friend, a few of them use the word gay as an acronym for something bad. Many a times I have stated it annoys me, but it still gets said. Sometimes I feel like going all gay in their faces with my fist. But then I find my happy place and decide against this.

Using Gay as an acronym for something that is bad, in my opinion, just reinforces some peoples opinions that being gay is bad. Maybe I should start walking around saying oh thats so straight or sooo hetro for an acronym of something that's bad? I wonder if it would catch on?

Those of you know know me well in real life, (I actually hate the fact that some of my real life friends read this blog, gives me one less place to bitch about you. I kid ;-)), will know that I am a huge YouTube whore. Rather than watching TV 9/10 times I would much rather watch a few videos on youtube.

There are several people I subscribe to on youtube. One of these is Davey Wavey. I read his blog too [breaktheillusion.com]. Davey Wavey is a gay guy, who is very nice on the eye too. (yes I have man crushes too)
I find him to be very inspirational, and we could all learn a lot from him, and if we was all a little more like him in life the world would definately be a far better place to live in.

Anyway, Davey Wavey recently just posted a video on the youtube about the same subject as this.No Ididn't steal his idea because I am running low. It's just coincidential. In fact, this post was in my little black, that isn't black book (I still can't find it. Maybe it's time to get a new one.)

Anyway his video post was as follows, and I couldn't of put it better myself:-