19. Two Days Gone

What's the best way to lose 2 days? I'm on about a "constructive" loss of 2 days here. Not the loss of 2 days through the taking part in binge drinking.

It's quite simple really. Do a night shift.

In order to prepare myself for a night shift I find myself sleeping on and off throughout the day, trying to reserve my energy so the speak. I know this is probably the worst way for me to prepare myself for the mental torture that is a night shift. But I find myself doing it anyway.

From 7pm I find myself clock watching until the time is to set off for work. I get to work. Normally just in time, and I am kicking and screaming inside for agreeing to do it.

Work begins.

I start feeling sick around 4 am. So I will maybe have a bite to eat to replenish myself.

7am comes. Home time. I find myself struggling to walk home. I get home. oh look. I have got my second wind and I am often awake until 9 am, sometimes later.

Normally I would sleep for a few hours and then try and force myself to stay awake until bedtime. Trying to get the body clock semi normal again (my body clock is far from normal at the best of times anyway)

Today however I am back at work 4pm til 10pm. Yes it's actually an illegal for me to go to work again with such a short gap between my shifts. But I am helping them out.

I'm glad I am off tomorrow. Tomorrows gonna be a killer of a day of trying to stay awake and get some energy together.