20. Man Crushes

I'm not going to deny it. Personally I think a lot of lesbians have the odd man crush. They just don't admit it. Why? I can only imagine its because within the community if it seems a lesbian is looking at the opposite sex they get the stink eye, frowned upon so to speak.

In my local lesbian community it seems that lesbians tend to get suscpious of lesbians who admit they have crushes on guys. I can only assume that this is because lesbians are suspicious of Bisexual women toyying with their emotions before ditching them for a guy. (This is obviously much more heartbreaking than being left for another woman - NOT!!)

So anyway, the other day I was discussing my Man Crushes with my mother and gay boy, N.
Mum: I thought you was a lesbian?
Me: Yes?
Mum: But how are you if you fancy guys?
Me: It's called a Man crush mother, no doubt N gets Girl Crushes too.
Mum: *disbelieving* Do you N?
N: Yeah.
Mum: I don't understand it...
Me: It's no different to you fancying Pink! thats your girl crush.
Mum: I don't fancy Pink!, I just really really like her.
Me: Mum you nearly orgasm when she's on tele.

*Everyone Laughs*

So anyway, revealing my current Man Crushes...

Far Left: Carlos Solis, from desperate housewives. With the goatee if you please.

Left: Will Smith, I've always had a thing for him, and he just seems to get better looking as he gets older.

I have guy crushes, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.