22. Baking Day... FAIL

As all my regular BlogBuddies are aware by now, I work in a car home for the elderly. Sometimes I like my job, other times I detest it.

At my current place of work my extended roll is that of "Activities Co0rdinator and Manager", this basically means I am Captain Fun. Great job you make think.


Entertaining the elderly is possibly one of the hardest things imaginable, they moan and complain about everything. Everything. Unless it involves Television, Sleep or food they are just not interested.

So one day I was thinking what I could do with my little old dears. Food....? Haha! Baking Day.

So I did a baking session one day. 6 of the residents were interested in taking part. (Believe me this is a high number of interests!) Excellent I thought. Something different from bingo, and not a demeaning as colouring in! So I got the ingrediants to make Cheese Scones, Short bread and Buns (Normal and Gluten Free)

One of the 6 fells asleep whilst kneading the dough for the scones. One minute she was awake, chatting away about her childhood days of baking, the next she was hard on asleep!

One sat and stared with pure confusion, turns out she had never baked in her entire life.

One just got on with it, the way she always does. The other walked away off never to return again.

The two remaining had to be escourted away from one another. Turns out Lady 1 didn't agree with the other lady's method, after general bickering (the norm within care homes) Lady 1 decided to show lady 2 just how much she disagreed with her method by reinforcing her belief with a rolling pin. Luckily she missed!

Safe to say that was the end of baking day