28. Night Shifts

So, I'm on night shifts this week again. Oh and next week.

Last time I ever give the kindness of my heart and offer to help out. I don't even know why I did it cause I knew if I gave them an inch they would take a mile.

Say something and all I am likely to get is "Oh but the Managing Director said if you don't do...[insert sentence here]".

But I am Not the only member of staff at this establishment! Why can't any of the others do it. Also is the managing director aware that I actually had a period of sickness back up from a note from the doctor stating certain restrictions on my shifts?

It annoys me too, because this week I have sunday off, but technically I don't cause working saturday night stretches 7 hours into Sunday, so in my books it is far from a day off. Plus I'll probably spend the majority of the day sleeping trying to catch up and prepare for my day shift the next day. Surely doing Days and nights is illeagel. If it's not it certainly should be!!

That is all today really. Not much to say. The mix of working nights and days is tiring me.