29. Confusion is not the word.

So I posted the other day about up coming date I was going on to cinema.

It went really well. Both parts agreed to this.

Then 2 days later she tells me she is confused and not ready, and that it's not fair on me. Fair enough. At least she told me now rather than later when attachments had started to form. What is really confusing though is she is the one what put all the moves on in the cinema.

She also texted previous to cinema saying she liked me, misses me and that she was jealous that I text another Lesbian we both know of.

I can't comment though, as much as my friends are saying she is playing me etc, I don't know her situation fully to comment. From what I can gather, her only female relationship was with someone who was in a relationship. So yes technically she was the other woman. And I think she was pretty much played.

I think what bothers me more is
"The age old It's not you it's me is so true right now".

I have used that before. But I asked her truthfully, and she said it was the truth and I have no reason to doubt her.

Apparently her head is fucked up. But whose isn't in this current world? Especially within the lesbian community. I think part of the criteria to be a lesbian is to be a little "fucked up".