Dental Nightmare

So it would seem history does indeed have a habit of repeating itself. In this instance I am talking about having a long unannoucned haitus from blogging. I don't even fully know why I have been away for so long. A whole month to be exact!

I managed to complete another task on the dayzero project.

I have always been on the outlook for a new dentist. I don't like the thought of having minging teeth. Only I have had one major thing stopping me find one sooner. The usual fear of the dentists chair. The other week I HAD to find a dentist and ASAP. One of my back lower wisdom tooth had litterally crumbled (Fun Fact: Wisdom teeth have less enamal [souce: My dentist]) so I registered for one that had been recommended to me by several people.

On arriving to my appointment all the staff where ever so friendly which helped to ease the the situation.

The Dentist herself, yes I have a female dentist, a some what beautiful one too. Was also very nice and even said "we aren't all mean". So she looked into my mouth and wanted to take the wisdom tooth out there and then.

I think she could tell that I wasnt too keen on that idea. Firstly, and I had explained this to here that it was the first appointment to dentist I have ever attended alone, it was only a few days before that I had dragged Mother to the doctors with me as they wanted to take bloods. I need support. Literally need it. Or I may end up in a heap n the floor. Not only that but to have it taken out would cost nigh £50. £50 I couldn't really afford right there and then. The main reason though was needing the support of someone holding my hand whilst the procedure took place. So we opted for the filling choice.
Lay back, open your mouth, closure eyes and relax.

I did as I was told.
Just a little prick now.

WHAT!?!? I was still having to endure a needle in my mouth. I quivered, my lips moving at what must of been the speed of light, almost like when a cartoon character is on a fair ground ride and their lips are being blown everywhere from the speeds.

The dental assistant grabbed my hand, as my eyes began to roll. I think if it had not been for the fact I was sat in the chair.

Small chit chat happened as we waited for my mouth to go numb. Just the general bollocks you talk about in awkward situations.

I laid back down, with my all new pair of blue visors on to protect my eyes from the enamal that she was about to grind down in my mouth. 5 mins into the procedure the drill stopped dead and the dentist went "oh".

Not something you want to hear a Dentist to say!

After 5 minutes of fumbling with the machines and 2 more attempts, they decided we had to change rooms.

I started to panic incase I needed another injection. She assured me I wouldn't. Several times.

It's an irrational fear really that I have of needles. A future post in the making maybe.

Anyway after changing rooms the rest of the procedure went without any further glitches. I have to go back this month sometime for a proper examination as they treat this one as an emergency, touchwood I've had no problems with the new filling. I just hope that it holds. Cause if not I will need it removing completely. I think if it wasn't for the beautifulnes of my dentist, I would of been put of completely from going again. Watch my next appoinment be with some old man!!