I'm still around... somewhere...

It's been forever and a day since my last actual post.

Well actually it's been 97 days, or if you include my reblog its 95.

Either way its been a while. I'd like to say its because I have been out and got a life, and this is actually somewhat true, but the actual reason I haven't blogged for sometime is because I am actually bamboozled.

As my last post might suggest I have been troubled by writers block of late. *HISS*

Even now as I write this I have no idea where I am going with the post. I think of one thing to say, and in the next breath I have forgotten what it was.

The past 2 months have gone pretty fast, I've started seeing someone, infact its 2 months tomorrow that we have been together. Gym has totally gone out the window of late too. So I must get back on that too. ASAP!

I have also been having futher troubles at work. Meh. Maybe theres a future blog post in this?

Hopefully I'll be back on it soon.*Fingers crossed*