Gym Revisited

After months of not going to the gym, I have finally started to get back into going. Why did I stop? because I started dating someone. I'm a buggar for stopping with things when I am in the early start of a relationship.
Although recently I have been getting down about my periods of inactivity, and the feeling that I am getting bigger again. My Girlfriend says I am not, but I feel otherwise. So I started going back to the gym. I'm paying for it so I may as well use it right?

I have been everynight this week, party because I am home alone, and I like to be around people, even if I'm not particularly socialising with them, they are there if I so wish to choose to talk to them.

Anyway. the main thing being I'm back at gym and slowly getting back into it. Fingers crossed for no further set backs.

I've also officially started my new job, but I'll hold up maybe a month or so before posting how I feel about it.