New Horizons Ahead - Ish

I recently went for a job interview, in fact I have recently been to a few job interviews. I always manage to suck at them, I start to stutter and stammer and just come over too nervous. Also one of the jobs I had applied for I was nowhere near experienced enough, I applied for it just so I could say I tried. I didn't expect to actually be called into an interview. Needless to say, my nervous bumbling blew that one.
So anyway, in the past 3 weeks, I have applied for about 40 jobs, in fact its highly likely to be closer to 50.  Out of this 40-50 vacancies I applied for, I have heard back from maybe 6/7?

It really annoys me that they don't get back to you, a simple sorry you are not suitable for the post would be quite suffice, but no, your left sitting and wondering if they actually received your email/post.
Anyway, today I received a job offer, it's for a Residential Home again. I was trying to get out of the care industry, but I find most jobs require you to have some kind of experience in the field. Either way it's a job non the same and will get me out of the current Home from Hell.

It seems a nice enough home, well decorated (considering the lack of funds homes have) and there wasn't the usual smells which you often find in these places. The Assistant manger seems friendly, and one of my oldest friends working there which is a bonus. And if she is still there after a year and a half, it can't be half bad. I haven't recieved a start date yet, but I have been asked to go on tuesday to fill in a CRB form.

I can't wait to hand my notice in!!!