An Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron
10 Downing Street
Dear Mr Cameron,

To my dismay, I have been on job seekers allowance for almost 6 months now, and cannot wait to sign off and start working again. The majority of your staff that you have working at the Job centre's are condescending and patronising to say the least, and have found this more so when I turn up in a pair of Joggers on my "lazy" days.

Never in my 25 year existence have I been spoken to in the way some of your "advisers" have spoken to me. One of them speaking to me as though I have never worked a day in my life. I so rightly corrected said adviser.
FACT. This is the first time I have claimed state benefits, and I have worked since the age of 13.

Within a few weeks of signing on I could of had a job if only I had been allowed a small loan of £50 in order to update a certificate, I had every intention of paying every single penny back. This was refused as "every thing has changed" (a sentence I must hear every fortnight), but was instead sent to do a 6 week college course for a qualification that I had already obtained, and was told had I not go to the course that I would be sanctioned and my benefits stopped.

Surely sending me on this expenses paid course, (travel expenses included), has cost the Government a hell of a lot more than what the original £50 I had originally queried about?

I also recently had an interview for a paid post at a local charity as a support worker for the Learning disabled, I got this job and had to fill in a CRB form.

This was a month a go and I am still waiting for it to come back. I am already aware of what will come back, and have informed my future employers, but I am not allowed to start work without this document.

Upon contacting the Disclosure and Barring service I was told I could be waiting for up to another 6 weeks. That will be a delay of 10 weeks.

I thought one of your policies was to "Get Britain Working"? I am more than willing to work, in fact I am ecstatic at the thought of working again, but cant due to governing bodies.
So please note, The longer your idiots down at the disclosure and Barring service take to do my CRB the longer I shall be claiming benefits.
Yours sincerely,