Where has this year gone?

Already we are coming towards the end of the first quartile of 2013, and I am only just putting fingers to keyboard. Safe to say I am guilty of negligence when it comes to this blog. Apologies.

So what have I been up to? Well an update of 2013 so far (in brief)

I finished my college course back in January, it was meant to be finished back in December but due to falling victim of man flu I missed a few days and had to catch up in January.

Shortly after finishing the course I started working for a Care Agency, who turned out to be possibly the worst employers I have ever had. Long story short, I left after about a week of being with them due to being disorganised and down right unprofessional, and I have only just this coming week received the money for the work I did. Might I add I am not the only one to have had problems with this company, I have since met others who have also had the same experience etc.

I also had a job interview for a charity who specialise in the care of the Learning disabled ages 18+. I wasn't very hopeful about this job as I felt that I came across very nervous, but never the less, a week later I got a call back offering me the job.

Brilliant so I am now working!!!

Nope. I completed the 2 week training induction successfully and had my photo taken for my identification card, but I am still waiting for the return of my CRB (police check) which upon inquiring about the other day could be another 4-6 weeks.

Hope its not that long. Sick of not working now and want to start ASAP.