Hello... Is it me your looking for??

Hello to you all!!! (if there are any of you left).

I was originally going to start with a Happy New Year, but thought it had elapsed the acceptable time to say this, what with the New Year no longer being need.

I can't believe I haven't blogged since April 2013 *slaps wrist*

Well since my last post I have started my New job, and Im always there, turns out its the same shit, different setting. But I guess that's life and Life goes on!

My ex,'Ninja' and I decided to give it another go officially in June 2013 and we are still going strong now.

We went to Turkey for our birthdays in September, we are literally born a day apart. She's older. Just getting that in there. We did a hell of a lot if sight seeing and excursions there. In fact I may have to blog about some of them.

My favourites where definitely
1 Scuba Diving
2 Parasailing
3 Pammukule

We also went to London. My first time. I hated it. Again a post is on reserve.

So yeah now you know Im still alive..... And ill try not to leave it 9 months this time.... Could of had a baby in that time!!!!  (no. I didn't)