Bonnie Wee Scotland

Just got back from a short trip from Scotland, my partner and I went on a National Holidays (coach holiday) as a belated Valentines Break.

Those of you that know what national Holidays is are probably sat laughing at the thought of 2 Twenty something year olds sat on a coach with a load of OAPs.

And to be honest, you thought right. They are tough as old boots those OAPs though. On arriving home I slept for 14 hours (stupid migraine) Saying that there was also a few younger families on board too.

Scotland is a gorgeous place, the scenery is mind blowing, and I don't think I have ever seen so many sheep in my life!!!

I'd definitely go on this trip again but maybe miss out the excursions though, there was a hell of a lot of time spent on the coaches going from place to place.

We travelled to Glasgow on our own on our 'free' day. And got there and back in one piece!!! And was kept entertained on the way home by some drunken elderly locals singing wheels on the bus (at least Thats what we think they sang).

I also tried Haggis, not the best thing to ever pass my lips but at least I tried the Scottish national dish. Also, never let an elderly Scot see you add anything to whiskey, unless its ice, maybe some water and at a push ginger beer. You will not hear the last of it!!

It's back to reality now though and back to work, which Is where I am now.