Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas / Happy holiday where ever in the world you are.
Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends in most cases, but people often forget that for some Christmas is another day where you go off to work, more so if you work within the Health and Social care sector.
I spent my entire Christmas period at work, and although the shifts have been very special, I couldn’t of asked for a better set of people to work on shift with, so despite the fact that they will never know about this post, I would like to thank them for a lovely day!
My sisters birthday followed 2 days after Christmas, where I attempted my first effort at decorating a cake. Although she is straight she is obsessed with breasts, so what better birthday cake to make for her than this:

Sadly, she walked in half way through my efforts to try and decorate it, so it was kind of a rushed job, and was looking a little lumpy in areas, and I didn’t have time to add all the ruffles to the bra line that I had wanted to. If I had more time I’d like to think it would of turned out better but never the less she loved it.
Happy Birthday Girl!

I also had an unexpected call from my friend from NYC today, was lovely to be able to chat as we barely have time now, its crazy to think we have been friends for over 10 years and never actually met!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

NHS Bursary Outrage!

I don’t know if you are aware of George Osborne’s plans to cut the NHS Bursary scheme for students, but I need to rant about it because how is it possible that some Tosser I have never met has some how managed to single handily shatter my dreams? and potentially the National Health Service.

I will be talking about this mainly from the POV of an ex student nurse who wanted to reapply in 2016. But might I also add that the proposed cut to the bursaries will not just affect Student Nurses but students of Chiropody/Podiatry, Operating Department Practitioner, Dental Hygiene/Dental Therapy, Orthotics/Prosthetics, Dentistry, Orthoptics, Dietetics/Nutrition, Physiotherapy Medical, Radiography, Radiotherapy, Midwifery, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy too.

So pretty much the entire NHS right?


I originally started my Student Nurse (SN) Training back in 2007 along side my job that I had at the time, but due to both financial and personal circumstances ended up dropping out after about a year and a half.

I know many people who are unaware of how difficult the Nursing course is, and will probably just say to SN's to get a part time job, but I know from experience that it really isn't that easy, and they risk burning the candle at both ends if they do decide to get a job!

SN’s are not like your average students, for those of you who don’t know, the course is delivered 50/50 between practice and placement. SN’s spend half of their time working in clinical settings along side qualified nurses and hospital staff, getting the very much needed practical experience. Caring for, looking after and supporting patients day in day out without a murmur that they are technically being extorted for their work due to the pittance that the bursary adds up to.

SN's not only endure the long hours whilst on placement, but also whilst undertaking the theory work too, they have 3 semesters rather than the usual students 2, the lectures run longer, often between 8-6 5 days a week, as opposed to the usual students 2 or 3 hour lectures 2 or 3 times a week.

SN's are generally mature students who have families to support, and don't go out blowing their money partying unlike others, its too much effort when you have worked such long hours!

I can't help but think that the idea of ditching the bursaries is coming from the current conflicts abroad....

I don't think I'd be wrong if I said I can see a dramatic decline in SN applications being made, which in turn means that their will be a decline in qualified nurses, and mean that nurses will be hired from overseas, said nurses first language may not be English which then brings barriers between the nurse and could lead to errors in judgement!

‪#‎bursaryorbust‬ ‪#‎paynotpoverty‬ ‪#‎bursariesnotbombs‬

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My Worst Train Journey

So in an almost reply like structure to Guest Post #1 Trains, here is a new post, about my experience with trains.

The majority of my train journeys have always been a some what relaxing affair.

Although I have come across a few troubles in my 8 or so years of train travel. These include things such as having to use the replacement bus service, but this is a pretty standard affair so I have heard.

Nothing has been quite so bad as the time I travelled to London. It was a terrible journey.

Everything was fine at first, we was on route to Sheffield to catch my transfer then around half way, near Doncaster, it was announced that there had been some troubles on the tracks (a land slide if I remember correctly) which meant all trains to London on the route I had book where cancelled. The only option I had left was to jump of at Doncaster station, and then attempt to get a train from there. All would have been well if there hadn't been a number of commuters with the same idea.

So there I am waiting for the next available train, with 50+ other people, when the long distance train from Aberdeen, or somewhere a like turned up, and on it I jumped. Sardines in a tin is the best way to describe how packed it was.

My self and the 3 other commuters I was travelling with could only find space to stand in the narrowest of corridors near the bar. When I say narrow, I mean no more than 2.5 ft wide.

To top things off, a journey which was suppose to take only a few hours too around 8 hours.

8 hours standing on a packed train, full of people coughing, sneezing and sweating is not the best way to travel!

Thank god I was in the bar carriage, the Alcohol definitely helped to take the numbness of standing away, I arrive in London all in all around 8 hours late, and pleasantly intoxicated.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Guest Post #1 - Trains

Charlie has kindly allowed me to post on her blog (thanks Charlie), now I was initially struggling for a blog topic, and then I went for a train ride.

Now, I don't use the train every day.  Train trips for me come perhaps once or twice a month at most, and are still something slightly of an adventure - I've always travelled mainly on foot, on the bus, or in a car, so a train journey still holds a frisson of excitement for me.

However, it was the Leeds train back to Hull.

The Leeds train back to Hull is always overcrowded with people, and this one was no exception.  Late getting into Leeds from Manchester, the promise of a booked seat held by a little orange rectangular piece of card I knew would be broken - indeed, I wasn't even in the right carriage, as just getting on the train was a feat. The train reminds me of the underground in London, except that while with the underground you might not get on a train, and have to wait three or four minutes for another one (which any Londoner will tell you is a fate worse than death), you're looking at an hour to get another Hull train from Leeds, so it's even more vital that you get on SOMEHOW.

Standing, looking around the train, I wondered about the emergency hammer available to break through windows in case of emergency.

If you're not familiar with them, the emergency hammer (at least on this train) is a green plastic handle, with a pointy bit.  It looks a bit like a blowtorch, or maybe a futuristic laser weapon of some kind. I think I saw Captain Kirk shoot a Klingon with one once.

Yet next to it, in the instructions for using the hammer, (have a guess - yes, it was firstly get the hammer, and secondly break the window - good job there were instructions, I wouldn't want to get them the wrong way round) in the instructions there was a picture of a normal claw hammer, the sort of thing we all have in our toolboxes. Surely this is just confusing.

Happily I made it home without needing to use the hammer, and life is good.

Mike, when not drinking, sleeping, eating, or drinking, blogs at http://thoggy.blogspot.com

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Guest Posts


So does anyone fancy writing me a guest post whilst I try to get out of my writers block?

Let me know

Monday, 14 September 2015

Visiting D

Many moons ago, back in 2001 when I was a young girl, My family and I went on holiday to Prestatyn in Wales for a week.

Innocently playing on the playground I was viciously attacked by a young lad from Stoke on Trent. Maybe it was because I was a Yorkshire girl? Maybe staffordshire people don't like Yorkshire?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was two clumsy kids who ended up in a holiday romance. Maybe that's what it was.

We kept in touch for years, at first it was though snail mail and phone calls, then it was by emails and texts, and now it is through Facebook. There have been a few gaps in our keeping in touch, but 14 years later and after knowing each other only 3 days back then, I made the 6 and half hour journey to Mid-West Wales where D currently resides.

All the way there I was getting nervous. People can change a lot in 14 years? What if we didn't get on any more? What if it was awkward. All the usual doubts and frets.

When I arrived we both just looked at one another and hugged and all through the week there was no awkward silences, it was as if we had been in each others life's the whole time. Safe to say we are definitely still firm friend!

And I can't wait to go down again. 5 days just wasn't enough!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Snap Happy

I finally got a new compact camera! I'm still learning how to use it and how to figure the settings out but finally I have one.

It was a brilliant bargain and I got it for 60% off the general asking price for it!

Now lets see if I actually use it?!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

BBW Butterflies

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm on the large side. Hell I loves me some food. Maybe more than I should!

I've been out scouting and browsing online for some clothes for my upcoming trip. And for some reason it is only recently that I have realised that the majority of plus sized womens clothing has one of two prints. Butterflys and flowers! I can just about live with the flower prints, but butterflies? WHY?!

Has it never occured to designers that us BBW want something more than flowers or butterflies? Are they subtly hinting something with the use of these prints? Is it all in my head? Who knows?

I've never been a lover of butterflies. I wouldn't be lying if I said they are a secret phobia of mine. I once remember a family outing about 12 years ago, and wandering off (as I usually do) with The Boy (who was then 3 or 4) in tow and walking into what I believed to be a tropical garden only to discover to my dismay that it was a Butterfly house and a Giant butterfly come towards me for me to run off screaming in near tears.


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Life goes on...

I attended a Wedding on Friday of one of my close friends. She is the 2nd of my school friends to get married this year.  Congratulations to them both, and I wish both couples a world of happiness.

3 of my friendship group (2 of which are the previously mentioned) have mortgages.  
1 of them has a family. (not previously mentioned)

Where I could once go out every night partying and drinking until 6am as well as being able to work, I am now lucky if I can make it past midnight. 1am if I have rested.

I don't like this, not because of jealously (maybe a little?) but mainly as it proves what I have been trying to deny the past few years that I am in fact starting to get old, and that I should possibly start to grow up!

I remember talking with my friends (some years ago might I add) how we would soon be hitting the big 2-0, but in the blink of an eye, we now seem to be talking about how we are approaching 30.
Conversations have gone from our next night out to planning our next meal or our next coffee shop meeting.

It just goes to show that your parents really are right when they tell you how the years go faster as you get older. I mean.... we are in August already!?! It only felt I was celebration the new year last week!

If when I was younger I knew what I know now, I would definately cherish my young responsibility free time a hell of a lot more!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another two bites the dust.

As you are aware I am doing the 101 in 1001 (DayZero) challenge, in short I have 101 things to complete within 1001 days.

One of those things was to buy my sister a gift for no reason.

My sister recently went to Norway for a week with her family, and told me about some Moomin pyjamas she saw whilst she was there, but when converted into pounds sterling, cost about the same as a small piece of gold.

A few weeks after her return, I was shopping and happened to see some Moomin PJ's so naturally I bought them for her. Naturally she was over the moomin (terrible joke charlie) with them.

I also feel the fact that I have put buying my nephew a gift for no reason was a bit of a waste, as I am constantly buying him things, it's like my addiction. Every time I take him out he comes back with something new. He's only been around for 7 months, but it feels like so much longer. Being with him almost makes me feel broody, like I should have a little cousin for him to grow up with or something.

Some might say that I am not buying these things for no reason, as when I have bought them then it is a goal off my list, but in all honesty I actually forgot that this was on the list.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Man Crushes Reviewed

A few years a go I wrote a post about my man crushes. (you can read that here).

I recently reread it, for some unknown reason, I realised it needs reviewing. I know longer find myself pining after Carlos from the show Desperate Housewives. Will Smith how ever, I will always have a thing for.

For some reason I also missed out these 2 guys;
 Hugh Jackman(Far Left) Wolverine Please?! My favourite character played by this hunk of a ma

Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson: I love Blaine in Glee, I don't know if it his slicked back hair, that fact that he is beautiful or that hecan sing.  Whatever the reason, he makes me go weak at the knees whenever I see him.

How I missed these 2 guys of the original list I have no idea, considering how much I obssess over both of them. 

What are your guys current crushes?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fishing in Sh*t

I left work, on Monday, later then I had intended to due to an emergency occcuring. This often happens due to the industry I am in. (I work within the Health and Social Care industry)

My idea of what was going to happen
So after a long hard day at work, I had my night planned out, veg in front of the television for a bit, go see to The Girls (my sister) dogs, as she is on holiday, and lives across the street from me, and my mum had come home from being with them throughout the day, get a nice relaxing bath with plenty of bubbles, maybe even a candle or two, before settling down to go to sleep.

What actually happened

I came home from work, the boy (little brother) was already with the girls dogs (brilliant, saved me a job until my mum was to return to spend the night a hour later). Took my shoes off, and the boy walks in stating he had lost the keys on the way home (how the hell do you lose keys crossing the road is beyond me) so I put my shoes on to go help him look for them, for him then to inform me that he had dropped then down the drains.

I then had to go help the boy literally fish in the shit infested drains looking for the girls keys as it meant the dogs were locked inside. My brother finding it rather amusing asking questions like "Whats worse, this or wiping someones arse?" I think he realised what a stupid question it was with the look that I gave him.

I had no doubt that they had been sweapt away somewhere in the drains, but the Mother was insistant that we go and check to see if we could get them, using an old kids fishing net we had from when we go crabbing at the sea side. Over and hour we spent fishing for the keys only to find some feaces covered bits of metal, stones and a 2p, after an hour or so I gave up and called a locksmith out. 

I am dreading the girl being told, she's a hot headed little thing at the best of times when she wants to me! I expect my brother is dreading it more so!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

1 down, 100 to go...

I'm actually quite late in writing this post.

I attend a local blogger meet the other week hosted by the Hull Internet Creatives. It was a small meet, my self and two other members, but it was a thouroughly enjoyable meet all the same.

We spoke and showed off our blogs, and also spoke about blogger and wordpress, and ultimately that was the reason behind me changing to blogger. One of the fellow members is also a very good poet and has been putting together some of his own books. I suggest you go read some of his stuff here.

I hope to attend another blog meet soon, it's a nice way to meet people and get ideas for your own blog at the same time whilst having a cheeky alcoholic drink too.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Purple Hue....

I have 20/20 vision, which is normal,

(Here's a lesson for you - did you know that means that this means that the test subject sees the same line of letters at 20 feet that a normal person sees at 20 feet - Hence the expression 20/20)

Anyway, back on to subject, I have 20/20 vision, and yet as I sit here writing this, I am wearing my "fairly" new (2 week old) glasses with purple lenses. No they are not dummy specs for fashion, nor sunglasses as a member of staff asked me today. I do legitimately need these. I say need, but that is a lie. I've gone almost 28 years with out them.

They just make things a hell of a lot easier.

I had an appointment a few months ago, after continuous headaches/migraines which is brought on from sitting and doing paper work (and I do a lot of paper work), from the horrible strip lights and several other things. I went to get my eyes tested, but nothing, so my opticians refered me to go get my eyes tested at hospital, and there I was diagnosed with Visual Stress Disorder. And under went a specialist test which showed that purple is the best colour to relieve visual stress symptoms for me. I did used to have a blue overlay but I would often lose or forget to take the a4 sheet with me.

During the test I found that my left to right eye tracking is very jagged in its movements, and that is obviously how we read! I used to really struggle with my reading and concentrating on reading. The white/black contrast would make me feel ill, I would feel like the words were moving, read the same sentences over and over and over again, so that even short stories seemed the length of an intricate novel and my eyes would jump around the page, seemingly following the waterfall of the gaps between words.

I bought myself the cheap looking but far from cheap glasses, and touch wood, my migraines etc have been virtually none existant. I've also not had any vertigo spells, so it could very well have been that it was brought on from the visual stress. I am slowly adjusting to the constant purple hue too.

I now see the world through purple tinted glasses.

Monday, 25 May 2015

DayZero Project Mark II

So the new list for the DayZero Project Mark II is now live for viewing. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will do better than my last attempt!!!

DayZero Project Mark II

Sunday, 24 May 2015

DayZero Project. Mark II

I tried to do the DayZero project and failed. I have taken the page down whilst I put together a new list. Some of the 101 may be the same as in the original DayZero Project.

For those of you who don't know about the DayZero Project, it is basically setting yourself 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.

My first attempt I failed.

But as the saying goes.

If at first you don't succeed; try try again.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blog Group Fun?

I tried, a few months back now, to try and start a local blog group on facebook, and ended up with a total of 2 members. That was including myself. I have recently found another local blog group, which a fair few members, and who actually managed to get to the meet part.

So fingers crossed this may lift the ever lasting writers block I have at the moment. I couldn't make the first meet which they held due to work commitments, but I'm hoping to attend one of the ones in the future.