Fishing in Sh*t

I left work, on Monday, later then I had intended to due to an emergency occcuring. This often happens due to the industry I am in. (I work within the Health and Social Care industry)

My idea of what was going to happen
So after a long hard day at work, I had my night planned out, veg in front of the television for a bit, go see to The Girls (my sister) dogs, as she is on holiday, and lives across the street from me, and my mum had come home from being with them throughout the day, get a nice relaxing bath with plenty of bubbles, maybe even a candle or two, before settling down to go to sleep.

What actually happened

I came home from work, the boy (little brother) was already with the girls dogs (brilliant, saved me a job until my mum was to return to spend the night a hour later). Took my shoes off, and the boy walks in stating he had lost the keys on the way home (how the hell do you lose keys crossing the road is beyond me) so I put my shoes on to go help him look for them, for him then to inform me that he had dropped then down the drains.

I then had to go help the boy literally fish in the shit infested drains looking for the girls keys as it meant the dogs were locked inside. My brother finding it rather amusing asking questions like "Whats worse, this or wiping someones arse?" I think he realised what a stupid question it was with the look that I gave him.

I had no doubt that they had been sweapt away somewhere in the drains, but the Mother was insistant that we go and check to see if we could get them, using an old kids fishing net we had from when we go crabbing at the sea side. Over and hour we spent fishing for the keys only to find some feaces covered bits of metal, stones and a 2p, after an hour or so I gave up and called a locksmith out. 

I am dreading the girl being told, she's a hot headed little thing at the best of times when she wants to me! I expect my brother is dreading it more so!