Man Crushes Reviewed

A few years a go I wrote a post about my man crushes. (you can read that here).

I recently reread it, for some unknown reason, I realised it needs reviewing. I know longer find myself pining after Carlos from the show Desperate Housewives. Will Smith how ever, I will always have a thing for.

For some reason I also missed out these 2 guys;
 Hugh Jackman(Far Left) Wolverine Please?! My favourite character played by this hunk of a ma

Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson: I love Blaine in Glee, I don't know if it his slicked back hair, that fact that he is beautiful or that hecan sing.  Whatever the reason, he makes me go weak at the knees whenever I see him.

How I missed these 2 guys of the original list I have no idea, considering how much I obssess over both of them. 

What are your guys current crushes?