Another two bites the dust.

As you are aware I am doing the 101 in 1001 (DayZero) challenge, in short I have 101 things to complete within 1001 days.

One of those things was to buy my sister a gift for no reason.

My sister recently went to Norway for a week with her family, and told me about some Moomin pyjamas she saw whilst she was there, but when converted into pounds sterling, cost about the same as a small piece of gold.

A few weeks after her return, I was shopping and happened to see some Moomin PJ's so naturally I bought them for her. Naturally she was over the moomin (terrible joke charlie) with them.

I also feel the fact that I have put buying my nephew a gift for no reason was a bit of a waste, as I am constantly buying him things, it's like my addiction. Every time I take him out he comes back with something new. He's only been around for 7 months, but it feels like so much longer. Being with him almost makes me feel broody, like I should have a little cousin for him to grow up with or something.

Some might say that I am not buying these things for no reason, as when I have bought them then it is a goal off my list, but in all honesty I actually forgot that this was on the list.