Life goes on...

I attended a Wedding on Friday of one of my close friends. She is the 2nd of my school friends to get married this year.  Congratulations to them both, and I wish both couples a world of happiness.

3 of my friendship group (2 of which are the previously mentioned) have mortgages.  
1 of them has a family. (not previously mentioned)

Where I could once go out every night partying and drinking until 6am as well as being able to work, I am now lucky if I can make it past midnight. 1am if I have rested.

I don't like this, not because of jealously (maybe a little?) but mainly as it proves what I have been trying to deny the past few years that I am in fact starting to get old, and that I should possibly start to grow up!

I remember talking with my friends (some years ago might I add) how we would soon be hitting the big 2-0, but in the blink of an eye, we now seem to be talking about how we are approaching 30.
Conversations have gone from our next night out to planning our next meal or our next coffee shop meeting.

It just goes to show that your parents really are right when they tell you how the years go faster as you get older. I mean.... we are in August already!?! It only felt I was celebration the new year last week!

If when I was younger I knew what I know now, I would definately cherish my young responsibility free time a hell of a lot more!