Visiting D

Many moons ago, back in 2001 when I was a young girl, My family and I went on holiday to Prestatyn in Wales for a week.

Innocently playing on the playground I was viciously attacked by a young lad from Stoke on Trent. Maybe it was because I was a Yorkshire girl? Maybe staffordshire people don't like Yorkshire?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was two clumsy kids who ended up in a holiday romance. Maybe that's what it was.

We kept in touch for years, at first it was though snail mail and phone calls, then it was by emails and texts, and now it is through Facebook. There have been a few gaps in our keeping in touch, but 14 years later and after knowing each other only 3 days back then, I made the 6 and half hour journey to Mid-West Wales where D currently resides.

All the way there I was getting nervous. People can change a lot in 14 years? What if we didn't get on any more? What if it was awkward. All the usual doubts and frets.

When I arrived we both just looked at one another and hugged and all through the week there was no awkward silences, it was as if we had been in each others life's the whole time. Safe to say we are definitely still firm friend!

And I can't wait to go down again. 5 days just wasn't enough!