My Worst Train Journey

So in an almost reply like structure to Guest Post #1 Trains, here is a new post, about my experience with trains.

The majority of my train journeys have always been a some what relaxing affair.

Although I have come across a few troubles in my 8 or so years of train travel. These include things such as having to use the replacement bus service, but this is a pretty standard affair so I have heard.

Nothing has been quite so bad as the time I travelled to London. It was a terrible journey.

Everything was fine at first, we was on route to Sheffield to catch my transfer then around half way, near Doncaster, it was announced that there had been some troubles on the tracks (a land slide if I remember correctly) which meant all trains to London on the route I had book where cancelled. The only option I had left was to jump of at Doncaster station, and then attempt to get a train from there. All would have been well if there hadn't been a number of commuters with the same idea.

So there I am waiting for the next available train, with 50+ other people, when the long distance train from Aberdeen, or somewhere a like turned up, and on it I jumped. Sardines in a tin is the best way to describe how packed it was.

My self and the 3 other commuters I was travelling with could only find space to stand in the narrowest of corridors near the bar. When I say narrow, I mean no more than 2.5 ft wide.

To top things off, a journey which was suppose to take only a few hours too around 8 hours.

8 hours standing on a packed train, full of people coughing, sneezing and sweating is not the best way to travel!

Thank god I was in the bar carriage, the Alcohol definitely helped to take the numbness of standing away, I arrive in London all in all around 8 hours late, and pleasantly intoxicated.