Holiday Hell - Do Your HomeWork!

I recently got back from my holiday in Caleta De Fuste, Fuerteventura. A bargain of a buy at around £205 each for 7 nights, including insurance and transfers at a 2 star hotel.

I say recently, it was more like 3 weeks or so a go, but that's still pretty recent I guess.

I expected glorious winter sun in its 20 degrees Celsius, glorious beaches, cocktails, lounging by the pool. The holiday failed miserably at delivering this.

But oh no, the winter doom and gloom seemed to have followed us the Two thousand, Five hundred and something miles we travelled.

It would be a bit of an understatement if I said it rained a little the first four days, it absolutely bucketed it down to the point where parts of the island was flooding. I walked around, like an idiot in shorts (I had packed for summer remember) and my big winter coat in which I had travelled from home in.

If the weather wasn't bad enough, the apartment nigh on drove me insane. Now usually I am quite the little researcher before I book anywhere, but thought I would wing it this time with it being a cheap holiday, I wont be doing that again that is for sure!

L, who I went away with, is a some one picky eater so we opted for self catering.How you can self cater one 2 electric hobs and a microwave and 2 pans is beyond me. The apartment itself was in need of a good clean and serious upgrade. And the pool looked dirtier that what my old dogs paddling pool looked like after a summer of being left out, there was scud and dead insects galore inside of it. And there was building work going on literally next door to our apartment which woke us up at the crack of dawn every morning.

We very nearly booked a return flight home after 2 days. We was so cold one point we booked ourselves into the nearest spa with a thermal pool.

The island as a whole, is obviously a very much up and coming island, as everywhere you looked there was construction work of some kind going on. Which obviously would put a downer on most peoples views of the place. Even the beach had constant construction work happening, as I assume they are in the process of extending the (manmade) beach. There wasn't even much to do either, so we was constantly spending money to try and entertain ourselves.

Fun Fact: Lemurs have Queens, not Kings as the film Madagascar depicts.

We eventually saw 2 days of sun before we came home, and went to the Oasis Zoo on one of those days, which very much made up for the whole holiday as we saw a sea lion show, paid extra to go feed the lemurs, got to stroke and feed giraffes and zebras, as well as see other animals, such as monkeys, which had been rescued from being pets. I did feel rather sorry for the elephants though, they looked so sad. and I just can't shake that image.

Anyway, moral of the story is bargain holidays are not always the best! and make sure you do do your home work!
(lol dodo!)