Over the last few months I have been in awe over the many videos available online about Minimalism, now I know this is not necessarily a new concept, but it is new to me and I always find the idea of it quite calming.

There have been 2 concepts of minimalism that I have been looking at.
KonMarie method
100 items.

KonMarie method is about only owning things that either have a purpose, or bring you joy. Which I like to think most of my items fit into one of these categories.

100 items there are some minimalists that believe in order to be a minimalist you should own 100 things or less, this is quite extreme, with the most extreme possibly being ThrivingMinimalist on youtube, whose items all fit in a back pack.

I am a self confessed hoarder, but I hate it.
I also hate to think I have thrown something away that could come in handy at a later point. A value I believe my Nanna imprinted on me as she never believed in throwing anything away.
So I am stuck in an in between.

It's also hard to make your enironment look minimal when your "own" area is around 6ft by 7ft. Everything just looks so cramped and messy, even if its not.

Whats your take on mininalism?