Yet another life update.

Again I have realise I have left this blog to gather dust.

I have my reasons though as I have been focussing on my univeristy course which I started "full time" in September. Notice how full time is enclosed in quotation marks? That's because in all we have been having around 4/5 contact hours a week, and the rest of the required 30 hours are self directed / online study, or the brand spanking new "Blended Learning" as they call it.

I'm also the elected course rep for my course, I got votes and everything! I felt so popular, so I have been doing course rep related things such as attending meetings and trying to get the other 300 plus students to engage with me.

I am a little disappointed in the lack of actual contact hours, but in another light, I guess it also plays in my favour as it means I am able to squeeze the odd shift in at work (I now work for a healthcare agency).

I am finding it incredibly difficult to adjust to the lack of money, I am now getting around 25% of what I used to earn a month, so I am finding that a little hard to adjust to, and I am finding myself trying to become increasingly frugal. I'm just happy my Mother was happy for me to stay at her until I complete my course and get a job.